Proper Care of the Peace Lily at United Solo Festival

My solo show "Proper Care of the Peace Lily" will debut at Theatre Row in NYC in September as part of the United Solo Festival! Check out the synopsis and buy tickets below.

Trapped in a limitless void, a fatherless young man with no guidance must create his own path back to the world. With the help of a mysterious Peace Lily (named Robert Plant), a divination book, and dramatic texts about absent fathers, from Oedipus to Orphans, he attempts to piece together an identity and take ownership of his life.

Tickets available below. Read the specific instructions to make sure you're buying for the correct performance.

The festival works by popular demand. Shows that sell out their first performance are awarded consecutive showings, up to 4, and eligibility for festival prizes. So please buy tickets in advance!

And RSVP to the FB event!